Four video marketing tools. One unified platform.

Video testimonials

Identify your customer that will be providing a video testimonial and capture their experience.

Send a request to their email address. The customer will click on the email link and record their testimonials using their smartphone, tablet or computer, then click submit and they are done.

BlueTube will automatically add a company logo, background music, and a call-to-action at the end and provide you a produced finished video.

Video email can:

  • Show the world all your approved video reviews.
  • Embed a link on your website to capture more video reviews.
  • Showcase your top 3 favorite video reviews with a personalized page.

Branded videos

Establish yourself as an industry leader with a well produced, professionally branded video.

Create videos that describe your services, products or just simply share your knowledge with your audience. Branded video content is a key component in increasing brand recognition and sales.

Branded videos can:

  • Create expert tip videos.
  • Create personalized brand videos.
  • Create open house/coming soon videos for real estate agents.
  • Create product review/explainer videos.

Case study videos

A case study is an extended video review of your products or services for your client.

Simply send an email requesting their response to 3 questions. BlueTube will give them 30 seconds to record an answer to each question then combines them into one sequence, gives you the ability to add your branding, your music, a customized “call to action”, and you have a finished Case Study. It’s like the ultimate Video Testimonial.

Case study videos can:

  • Case studies help in outlining a company’s success or effectiveness.
  • Case study videos add authenticity to your communication.
  • Provide clients with stories that prove your company’s credibility and results.

Video emails

Engage your clients with video email.

Quickly and easily send video email messages that stand out! Communicate to your audience more effectively with this new feature exclusive with BlueTube Unlimited.

Video emails stand out from other email communication, help build relationships with personalized messaging, and provide you with a tremendous advantage in breaking through to your audience.

Video email can:

  • Send a 90-second video email.
  • Add a custom call to action button on your video email landing page.
  • Provide statistics for open-rates and how many times they have been watched.
Use BlueTube logo videos on:
  • Google My Business
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Email
  • Your Website
BlueTube Lexi Social Media Impact

Generate Engagement

The Impact of Using Video for Social Media

Using video in social media is extremely powerful as a content strategy tool because it generates more engagement on LinkedIn and Instagram than any other type of content. Our Social Media Strategist, Lexi, briefly discusses how you can win using BlueTube Video.