Choose a video plan that works for you.

Video Start-up

BlueTube Basic.

$27/video credit
  • Pay As You Go, 1 Video Credit = 1 Video
  • Use for Video Testimonials
  • Use for Branded Videos
  • Downloaded Videos by Purchasing Video Credits
  • Personalized Video Review Page
  • Branded Video Tool
  • Video Testimonials Tool
  • Send Unlimited Video Testimonial Requests
  • Risk Free. Cancel At Any Time!

BlueTube Unlimited.

$67 $36/month
For a limited time only.
Offer ends December 31, 2020.
  • Unlimited Video Testimonials
  • Unlimited Branded Videos
  • Unlimited Video Emails
  • Unlimited Case Study Videos
  • Personalized Video Review Page
  • Download and Embed Videos Anywhere
  • Risk Free. Cancel At Any Time!
Monthly subscription fee applies after. Offer not available to users who already tried BlueTube Unlimited. Terms and conditions apply. Offer ends December 31, 2020.

Pricing FAQs


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How does the free account work?

When you create a free account you have immediate access to the dashboard with the Branded Video Tool and Video Testimonials Tool. You can set up your brand, send requests for testimonials and see the produced videos. Once you decide which videos you love you buy Video credits to download. The more you buy the more you save.


How long are the videos?

Video Testimonials can be up to 50 seconds in length, Branded Videos, Case Study Videos, and Email Videos can be up to 90 seconds in length.


How do unlimited requests work?

Whether you are using the BlueTube Basic or BlueTube Unlimited plans you have the ability to send unlimited requests for video testimonials. With BlueTube Unlimited, you can also send unlimited case study video requests.


Do you offer a free trial?

We offer BlueTube Basic, a free account to begin using the Branded Videos and Video Testimonials tools. You can try the BlueTube Unlimited Plan free for 7-days*.

*After the 7-day trial, you will be charged the monthly subscription rate of $36 per month.


When will my credit card be charged?

For the BlueTube Unlimited subscription monthly plan, you will be charged the day you first subscribe and then every 30 days the recurring charge will show on the card you used to subscribe.


How many Video Emails can I send in a day?

Technically your BlueTube Unlimited subscription is unlimited; however, there is a daily cap of 20 Video emails per day. If you need to send more than 20, please ll out the form for an Enterprise Account located at the bottom of this page. Or email us at

Can I cancel BlueTube Video Unlimited account at any time?

Yes, you can cancel BlueTube Unlimited account at any time. Log in to your dashboard and select the Subscription section, you can change from BlueTube Unlimited to BlueTube Basis, which is a pay per video plan. However, you will lose any Case Study videos and Video Emails but you will still have access to all of your Video Testimonials and Branded Videos.


How do I close my account?

We’re sorry to hear you want to close your account. If you want to cancel your monthly subscription you can downgrade to the Free Account and keep access to your videos. If you close your Free account you will lose any unused video credits and all saved videos. Contact for assistance in closing your account.


So how does this video credit thing work?

You can create a BlueTube Free Account at any time, start creating branded videos and sending video testimonial requests out to customers and clients. Once your videos are processed and produced you can preview them before downloading or making them available on your Personalized Video Page. In order to download or have access to the videos, you must buy video credits. Video Credits start at $59 per video or are as low as $27 when you buy a package of credits.


How Many Video Testimonials can I get in a day?

Technically your BlueTube Unlimited subscription is unlimited however there is a daily cap of 35 per day. If you need more than 35, please ll out the form for an Enterprise Account located at the bottom of this page. Or email us at

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